Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Theory Hour- guest speaker John Lynn

Sustainability is a process. It is seen everywhere even in the air. Its huge and powerful. In a process you find the sustainability. John Lynn discussed about sustainability. One question at the beginning of his speech he asked was, "If we were fish, what would we do"? Swim, play, or hunt for food. He also asked what would we see. He asked the same about if we were birds.

One topic was characteristics of a storm. Its an agent of transformation. It can be constructive or destructive. Its a dynamic event, and its NOT a place or thing its a process. Global warming is a major problem right now meaning things are changing. The AIA 2030 Challenge is something Architect Ed Mazria is responsible for. In this challenge he tries to apply sustainability to architecture. He does so by cutting the use of carbon on products to operate a building by 50%. Harvesting as much carbon as you put out. Using measurable target goals. A benchmarked timeline. This is all adopted by Building Design Leaders.

Mr. Lynn also discussed the LEEDS program and talked about the Aproximenty Hotel and The Gerding Theaters Armory. A main idea talked about was green is bigger than buildings.

Issues discussed on Twig Project.

One of the main issues for the project models was contrast. Making the twig contrast more with the structure is something we need to work on. Strategic thinking is something we need to concentrate on like defining certain qualities of our twigs. Scale was also a topic. The size of the twigs need a relationship to the size of the structure/model as a whole. Color went with scale, there were questions of choices of colors used, which goes along with relationship.

Visualization is also very important like having a pattern form. Focusing on one idea is a big issue, too much going on takes away from the twigs, variety reduction can help this problem. Emphasize on what you want to emphasize on! Also, make the twigs active in the composition of the structure.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My new precedent for my twig project

Wow, my first precedent was a cruise ship but my new project will be in the form of a Ferris Wheel. It's crazy because it turned out this Ferris Wheel that I chose happened to have twelve sides and twelve parts.

>>>Process for TWIG PROJECT.

Wow i cant believe that's what I actually started out with. This was my first sketch model. The shape was very uneven and I still didn't know how I was going to incorporate my twigs. My idea was to use paper clips as my binding agent.

My third iteration, we had a critique and this is what I brought in along with my new precedent. This model didn't work because of the way I used the paper clips and my twigs were too small compared to the size of the container. During this critique I came up with my final idea for my project, to do something similar to a Ferris wheel.

My attempt on building the Ferris wheel didn't turn out to well. There were problems with the shape of the container and I couldn't figure out a way for the paper clips to hold the twigs in their positions so I decided to be make my project more abstract and use the paper clips a different way.

The more abstract model turned out better than I expected. It wasn't a Ferris Wheel but resembled one. I used red, green and yellow because they were the colors used in my precedent and looked good showing a pattern form. After this model the more I looked at it, I questioned the use of color. I thought the color was a little too much.

Left and Right hand/ Lyrics Lettering

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A box for 12 twigs - first precedent

For the next project -a box for 12 twigs- for the container I designed I thought a precedent that reminded me of it was a cruise ship. My box is going to be in a very similar shape as a ship and the 12 twigs are going to be poking out all around they would be like the windows. My binding agent is wire and its going to hold it together in 12 places all around the box. The outside of the box is suppose to look arranged and measured. On the inside of the box the twigs are intertwining and suppose to look unorganized, much like the inside of a ship all the people on the inside and different things to do, while the outside is repetitive and arranged.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Process for A place for a Leaf

Above are sketches from when I was brainstorming on how to build my first model.

My first attempt to build a place for leaf wasn't abstract. It didn't work because it was too much. So I decided to simplify it for my final.

My place for a leaf was a working progress. But I figured through each step the more simplified the better. I had a tear in my leaf so I used a piece a paper to come through it and wrap around the backdrop forming its base. I chose black as the background paper behind my leaf because it made my leaf natural color pop the most. I also chose yellow for the three-dimensional/base paper because my leaf was yellow but as it aged it turned brown but if you look closely there are a few splotches of yellow still visible. The yellow paper also contrasted nicely with the leaf.

WARM-UP: Dogwood Drawing

a place for a leaf

This is my final model for my leaf project. The tear in the leaf was my main idea for the base of the leaf to make it 3-D and abstract. I also chose black paper as my background because I wanted to use a neutral color and black made the color of my leaf pop the most.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Warm-Ups for Design Visualization

A rainy day calls for lovely Rain boots, my pair of boots were actually apart of this drawing. I really enjoyed this warm up too because everyone had different boots so that gave us a lot of variety when drawing them.

This bicycle drawing was very difficult because we had an hour to work on it and I also found it hard to concentrate on the negative space instead of the bike itself.

I wish I had added more detail to my shoe sketch. I wasn't happy with the way it turned out because it was unfinished.

Mess THREE: Desk in a Mess

Mess TWO: My bestfriend/roomates Bracelets

Mess ONE: Shoes

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